Rag and Bone. 4 x 500 piece jigsaws by Gibsons. G5018



Rag & Bone 4 X 500 Jigsaw Puzzle

Rag & Bone

The call of the Rag & Bone man around the towns and cities was a familiar sound in the 1950s but by the time popular BBC series Steptoe & Son was screened in 1965, there were far fewer operating. A typical day’s ‘take’ would have included rags, furs, shoes, car parts, furniture and in fact almost anything that was being thrown out. If the children were lucky, some Rag & Bone men would traditionally offer a gold fish or two in a water-filled plastic bag. Gibsons produce Britain's favourite puzzles on premium quality board. 


EAN 5012269050189
BRAND Gibsons
Condition New
Weight 1.5kg