Samuel, limited edition Silver Tag bear.



Samuel is made of a Soft-Luxe material. His raggedy short curls are light and dark tones of pewter grey. His rounded muzzle and pads are a complementary silvery-grey soft boa material with defined fingers and toes. Samuel has endearing large black shoe button eyes and a dark grey embroidered nose. He wears a traditional square blue sailor collar, tied at the front, finished with dark blue and white striped edging. To complete the nautical look Samuel wears a white sailor hat finished with the same blue and white striped edging as the collar. Samuel is a handcrafted fully jointed Silver Tag Bear with classic back bear hump. He is substantially weighted with beans for stability and so he can be posed with ease. An illustrated hangtag is attached to his left ear.

Suitable for ages 14 and over, from a limited edition of 1,500 pieces.


EAN 5053154171251
Brand Suki
Condition New
Weight 1.25kg